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News Release, April 2019

ANSAR Foundation are issuing this news release to inform all our donors that as a charity it undertakes all its work autonomously. As part of the strategy determined by its trustees ANSAR Foundation will not compromise its reputation and primary objective of serving those in need by aligning itself with any other charity or governmental organisation. This has always been the long-term intention of ANSAR Foundation.

Ansar Foundation realises that in order to effectively carryout its work it needs to remain neutral and completely separated from any organisations operating with a political or religious agenda. Ansar Foundation has never and will ever issue any collected donations monetary or material to any other charities, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Ansar Foundations acknowledges that in its inception during the relief campaign of 2009 in the North West of Pakistan it used the charity organisation named Falah-e-Insaniat to obtain knowledge of areas where no aid had been reached to displaced refugees. This project involved the distribution of food parcels and bedding that were purchased by ANSAR Foundation in Islamabad and transported to Bajour. The aid was then distributed directly by ANSAR Foundation volunteers. This was the only instance of ANSAR Foundation using another organisation. Since then ANSAR Foundation has established its own presence and network of volunteers in the North West of Pakistan. On the 5th of March 2019 the Pakistan Government added Falah-e-Insaniat to the list of banned groups under the Pakistan Anti Terrorism Act of 1997. In light of this development this news release has been issued by ANSAR Foundation. The site content will be updated to remove any reference to the 2009 relief project to ensure no indirect endorsement of a banned organisation is inadvertently linked with ANSAR Foundation.

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