Project Background

ANSAR Foundation has undertaken the commitment to construct and manage a primary school in the village of Bat Darian in Mansehra Pakistan. The village consists of local established families earning a low income through agriculture and labour and poor families, many of whom have relocated to the area after being displaced by the earthquake and flooding of 2007 and 2010. At present there is no free government school in the area for the children to attend. Only two private schools serve Bat Darian and the surrounding two villages; the fees of which are too high to make it a viable proposition for most of the local children. The two schools are at maximum capacity meaning even families who want to pay for the children's education have no options to do so. With the risk of a large proportion of the current generation becoming illiterate particularly the females; ANSAR Foundation has ranked this as a high priority educational project.

With the literacy rate in Mansehra already at the lowest average for Pakistan, the local community also feel this is an issue that needs to be addressed. With little support at the governmental level the local community donated 1 kanal (approx. 500m2 ) to ANSAR Foundation on the condition it be used for the establishment of a school to serve the local community. ANSAR Foundation in 2015 purchased an additional kanal of adjoining land in order to build a school to cater for a total of 300 boys and girls from the ages of five through to ten year olds. The links in this page present the journey and plan in making this project a reality.