Operational Costs

The model ANSAR Foundation will adopt to operate the school is by having a 50:50 ratio between fee paying students and sponsored students. ANSAR's objective is to provide a sustainable school to provide education in an area where schools are at a shortage. We do not want to make the school free for all as unfortunately this results in a culture of non-appreciation. The incentive for parents to ensure student attendance and support for completion diminishes when the financial burden is not shared.

At present our local co-ordinator has had interest from the parents of 105 students who are willing to pay fees for their children's education. The local model for schools is that for every household paying for two siblings in the same school have a third sibling attend for free. This then leaves 45 spaces to be filled by local poor children whose fees shall be covered by donors in the form of sponsorships. Based on this we estimate approximately 75 students (two thirds of the 105) who will pay fees. The two schools in the locality charge 800 PKR per month per child for primary level schooling. This gives a potential monthly income for the school of 60,000 PKR.

The table below gives the estimated monthly operating budget for the school. The plan is to secure commitment from the local Manshera business and professional community to sponsor the make up of the remaining 61,000 PKR in order to sustain the school on a monthly basis. This in reality equates to 100 people committing 600 PKR per month. In the event that ANSAR is let down by local support we will start a student sponsor scheme with our donors in the UK. It must be remembered that the school is a non-profit organisation and thus the fees are set such that they attract the local community.