Meet Laiba

Laiba Bibi is 11 years old. She lost her father to leukaemia 2 years ago. Her father was the sole provider with a permanent job at a local company (OCS) making enough income to support Laiba and her three siblings. Laiba lives in Bat Darian with her mother and three siblings in a basic house her father bought whilst alive.

Laiba was 9 when her father passed away and studying in class 3. She was bright, intelligent girl enjoying her studies and doing well in exams. Upon her father’s passing everything changed. On top of the grief associated with the massive loss there was no income coming in and her mother was forced to work as a house maid. This only brought in 3000 PKR a month so her older brother dropped out of school and took a job working in a shop at 3000 PKR a month. The total household income of 6000 PKR with current inflation, particularly basic food items, barely supports the family of 5 with the basic living essentials. With school fees for her and her siblings equating to 5000 PKR per month it is clear that education for her and her siblings is unaffordable. With no free schooling in the area, Laiba dropped out of school after her father passed away. Her childhood is currently spent taking care of her younger siblings whilst her mother and older brother try to make ends meet.

When interviewed by our field co-ordinator Laiba told him that she once told her dad that when I grow up I want to become a doctor…

The ANSAR Model School Project is aimed at children like Laiba who through the trials of life do not have the facilities and support for the basic right of education. Through your support we may not be able to fulfil Laiba’s dream of becoming a doctor but we can get her started on her journey.