Teaching Staff

The school will have an all-female teaching team recruited locally. This decision has been made based on the following;

  • The initial intake of students will be from the ages of 5 to 10 year olds. Female teachers possess the inherent qualities for effective teaching and empathy to this age group.
  • ANSAR Foundation wants to prioritise the teaching of female children particularly in this area. Due to the cultural sensitivities parents will be more open to sending their daughters to a school managed by an all-female team. Similarly, for recruitment purposes more applicants will apply and be allowed to apply on the basis that it will be an all-female teaching team.
  • ANSAR Foundation supports female livelihood projects. There is a pool of highly educated and capable women in the Manshera locality with limited to no opportunities of a career in line with their capabilities. By having a female principal and teachers it sends a message out to the wider community of the benefits of educating females. The women will also serve as role models to the local community.

Recruitment will commence towards the end of 2016 once the school building is erected so that potential applicants can see a tangible opportunity. The recruitment of the principal shall be done first after which the principal can play a key role in the recruitment of her team of staff. A code of conduct and values for the school will be agreed prior to interviews and a main assessment criterion will be whether the potential recruits inherently share the same values.