School Plan & Pictures

After securing the purchase of the land and registering the land in the name of ANSAR Foundation the first priority was to assign an architect firm and agree the design and plan of the school building. Fortunately for ANSAR Foundation the established architect firm, Farooq & Associates, based in Islamabad Pakistan agreed to take on the assignment as a pro bono case i.e. no fee and for the sake of Allah.

A key factor in the design and structural work for the building is that it is located in a Zone 1 Earthquake zone. This is the region to the north of Pakistan with a high probability of large magnitude earthquakes, thus correct implementation of building regulations is important to ensure the construction of a safe building. The lead architect Khizar Farooq made visits to the site and designed the school in line with building regulations, keeping in mind functionality and costs. The approved plans can be viewed below. The design is based on a two storey building with the project plan to implement one storey first and run the school. As managing an educational institute is a new undertaking for ANSAR Foundation the decision was made that it is best to split the project into two phases. Phase 1 will involve constructing and managing a single storey school. After a two year running period the decision to progress to Phase 2 will be made based on the success of the school's operating model; Phase 2 will then consist of expansion by construction of a second storey.