ANSAR FOUNDATION is a small charitable organisation established in 2008, with the main objective of ensuring the delivery of aid directly to those in need.

ANSAR FOUNDATION relies on the donations given from its UK based donors which include a small number of individuals and businesses. ANSAR FOUNDATION works with local professionals and charitable organisations which have a presence and reputation in the areas of need to stringently vet potential applicants for aid. A visit is then arranged by a representative from ANSAR to select individuals and further verify that the cases are genuine. A commitment is made to these people by ANSAR to provide either short term support in the case of aid after a natural disaster, or long term support so they are placed in a position to be independent of means.

This model gives the following benefits:

  • Partnership with local professionals such as doctors and teachers gives us an ear to the ground and a footing in the community with no cost of resource.
  • Partnership with local charitable organisations gives us access to infrastructure and resource already in place allowing all collected funds to be delivered to the people in need.
  • Only genuine cases are undertaken and local partnerships identify those cases which are often overlooked.
UK Registered Charity No: 1143725