Housing Projects

Following the relief visits to areas affected by the floods of 2010, it was evident that more needed to be done with regards to longer term help to the victims.

The decision was taken to rebuild the houses for victims who had lost them in the floods. Working with Al Khidmat Foundation, we made a pledge to supply the budget for the construction of 25 houses. The work was to be project managed by Al-Khidmat Foundation a local and reputable charity organisation based in the North Western areas. They have in place the resource and infrastructure to undertake this work and ensure its correct delivery with no risk of delays and additional costings.

Donations were then generously made from the UK, with many families donating the full value of construction for a house. This rapid and generous response from UK based donors allowed the quick delivery of the pledge of rebuilding houses for victims.

The lessons learned from this project have given us the confidence to undertake similar projects in the future. Constructing a house is a permanent and long term solution for victims, allowing them independence from the reliance of aid. A main of objective of ANSAR Foundation is to place people so they are in a position whereby they are independent of means. This also fits the requirement of the people donating, whose main feedback is the perusal of long term and permanent solutions rather than a steady trickle of aid and hand outs.

UK Registered Charity No: 1143725