Relief Work

Ansar Foundation provides relief work for areas affected by natural disasters. Since inception Ansar Foundation has conducted relief work for earthquake affectees, flood affectees and victims caught up in the military operations conducted in Northern areas of Pakistan.

Relief work consists of organising packages of basic necessities such as food and clothing and distribution to the victims. Supplies are purchased in Islamabad and transport arranged to deliver the aid to the affected areas. Areas selected are usually those away from major towns and cities where the presence of NGO’s and governmental aid is minimal.

Along with the distribution of food, clothing and medicines, money is also donated to the victims in order for them to seek medical assistance and buy supplies and provisions from the local markets allowing a longer term solution to some of their immediate difficulties.

Relief convoys organised to date by ANSAR Foundation include the:

  • Relief visit to Quetta after the 2007 Earthquake.
  • Relief visits to Swat & Bajour following military operations in 2009.
  • Relief visits to Swat and surrounding areas after the devastating floods of 2010.
UK Registered Charity No: 1143725