Water Projects

Even in today’s technologically advanced world, unsafe water and the lack of basic sanitation accounts for more deaths than wars and is responsible for 80% of diseases. Especially vulnerable are children under the age of five years old.

The lack of safe water supplies is common place in the deprived areas of Pakistan. This impacts local resources and charitable organisations considerably through the extra demand caused by diseases easily avoidable through safe water supplies and basic hygiene education. Sparse water supplies also place an overwhelming demand on women and children who have to consume valuable time and energy in making daily trips to collect water which in many cases is unsafe to begin with.

Safe water supply has been highlighted to ANSAR Foundation as one of the most important issues in deprived areas. Organisations such as Al-Khidmat Foundation with a strong presence in the North Western areas of Pakistan have stressed this as one of the most critical resources required, especially after the devastating floods, and this point has been further stressed by doctors and teachers in the locality.


Water tank projects are implemented in areas where wells are not practical due to poor water quality in the water table. We identify areas where communities are using exposed water reservoirs with no water treatment infrastructure at considerable distances from where they live. The water tank projects involve constructing a large water tank at just below ground level and fully enclosing it. The stored water is chlorinated to kill bacteria. The locals draw the water via a hand pump and a filtration unit filters the water supplied to the hand pump to remove any contaminants. The underground storage tanks are installed in areas where river water supply is ample and can be easily diverted via a dedicated channel to supply the tanks. The video above shows a recently completed project implemented in Rajanpur which serves a community of 500 people. The approximate cost for this project was £1800 (price as of Feb 2015).

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