Livelihood Project Photos (2012)

Photos for livelihood Projects (2012)

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  • For 2012 Ansar Foundation decided to fund the widows of Quetta, Baluchistan by supplying 45 sewing machines and 4 bicycles at a cost of 407,000 Pakistan Rupees. The bicycles were donated to 4 labourers to aid them in transport to and from their places of work. the machines were donated to these women as a means of earning an income from their homes to support their families.

  • Al-khidmat Foundation bought us in contact with a local woman who took it upon herself to teach the poor women in the district basic sewing skills. Tailoring services offered by women is a safe and practical way for many of these women with responsibilities of raising a family, with the loss of the main bread winner, to earn an income. The hurdle facing most of these women was the outlay required in acquiring a sewing machine. By supplying the sewing machine these women were given the independence to start their own businesses from whom without the pressure of taking out loans.

  • One of the sewing machines was donated to the lady who started up the training scheme in order that she could continue her excellent work.

  • The remainder were donated to women who had been selected by Al-Khidmat Foundation based on prior groundwork conducted on the plight of these women.

  • These women once proficient in the use of these machines can earn a main income especially during the periods of Eid celebrations and the wedding season.

  • In the cases where the women were unable to intend male relatives representing them picked up the sewing machines on their behalf.

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