Livelihood Projects

A main objective of ANSAR Foundation is to make the poor people we help independent of needs. Livelihood projects are implemented to meet this objective. The projects involve firstly selecting those people who are genuine and demonstrate a certain level of drive and determination in establishing an income with their main constraint being funds. ANSAR Foundation then provides support in the form of the purchase of critical equipment and supplies which gives their business a kick start to get going. Examples of previous livelihood projects include replacing water damaged stock for shop keepers during the floods. Providing bicycles for labourers removing their dependency on unreliable and expensive public transport in order to get to places of work. In 2012, we supported a local community project in Quetta and provided 45 sewing machines to widows in order that they could learn tailoring skills and establish small business from home in order to support their families.

"When you give, give enough to make a poor man independent of means."
Umar Ibn Al Khattab


We hope through these projects to support genuine cases so they become self sufficient and free from requiring hand outs.

UK Registered Charity No: 1143725