Livelihood Project Photos (2011)

Photos for livelihood Projects (2011)

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  • Mr. Zamin Gul is wheelchair bound with a family to support. He lost his house and possessions during the flooding of 2010. Mr. Gul qualified for the housing project and in order to ensure his long term support was also selected for the livelihood project.

  • Mr. Gul source of income are rosemary beads and jewellery he hand crafts himself and sells in the local market. The finance provided to him allowed to purchase the raw materials he lost during the floods without having to incur a debt.

  • Zeeshan is an orphan who lost all the position of his shop to the flood waters. As the sole income provider to his family it was critical that he had the finances to restock his shop in order to commence trading.

  • Funding provided to Zeeshan allowed him to purchase an inventory of stock to allow him to run his business and generate an income.

  • Mr. Fazal Akbar is a spice seller who lost all his possessions in the floods. By providing financial support he was able to purchase stock so that he could kick start his business.

  • Mr. Fazal business involves selling spices at local markets and door to door.

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