Ramadhan Food Packages

Donations received for food pack distribution 2014 was allocated to the district of Rajanpur. 25 food packs consisting of the essential supplies to support a family during the month of fasting were provided consisting of the following:

Name of Item Qty
Wheat Flour 20 Kg
Ghee (Oil) 5 Kg
Sugar 5 Kg
Lentils (Channa) 1 Kg        
Lentils (Moong) 1 Kg  
Gram Flour 1 Kg 
Salt 1 Kg        
Red Chilies 200 gm
Matchbox 10 Box
Vermicellies (Saviyyan) 2 Pack
Jam-e-Shirin 1 Liter


From the advice of the local community leaders and input from our local project managers, 25 families were selected. Details of the recipients of the food packages are provided below with some photos taken during the food pack distribution.

# Name of beneficiaries Father / Husband Location of Residence
1 Basheeran Jameel Mohalla Machi Darra Rajanpur
2 Mariyam Ileyas Shikra Allah abad colony Rajanpur
3 Bhirawan Mai Kareem Bux Taggah Colony Rajanpur
4 Nasreen Mai Abdul Rashid Thari Colony Rajanpur
5 Mumtaz Mai M Iqbal Mohalla Machi Darra Rajanpur
6 Gous Bux Imam Bux Ward No 5 Aslam Town Rajanpur
7 Mahir Mai Saifullah Chak Zohrani Tahsel Rajanpur
8 Shakeela Bibi Zahor Ahmad Farooq Azam Colony Rajanpur
9 Abdul Rahed Abdul Hamed Eid Gah Colony Rajanpur
10 M Ashraf Abdullah Aqil pur Road Rajanpur
11 Aymnran Mai Qadir Bux Jageer Gabool Rajanpur
12 Ameer Khatoon Shamano Kotla Ahmed Rajanpur
13 Haseena Mai Elahi Bux Kotla Ahmed Rajanpur
14 Hamza Aslam Band Road Rajanpur
15 Fareed Bux Elahi Bux Kotla Naseer Rajanpur
16 Wahid Bux Noor Ahmad Kotla Bakho Rajanpur
17 Haq Nawaz Shah Nawaz Allah abad colony Rajanpur
18 Khalid Ghulam Rasol Allah abad colony Rajanpur
19 Noor Ahmed Khar Bux Kotla naseer Rajanpur
20 Fazal Hussain Kareem Dad Kotla naseer Rajanpur
21 Karam hussain Fazzla Kotla naseer Rajanpur
22 Kundan Mai Aslam Kotla Maliyam Rajanpur
23 Nooral mai Bamla Kotla Maliyam Rajanpur
24 Sajjad Hussain Allah Rakha Kotla Maliyam Rajanpur
25 Muneer Ahmad Basheer Kotla Naseer Rajanpur

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